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PolyFuzz performs fuzzy string matching, string grouping, and contains extensive evaluation functions. PolyFuzz is meant to bring fuzzy string matching techniques together within a single framework.

Currently, methods include Levenshtein distance with RapidFuzz, a character-based n-gram TF-IDF, word embedding techniques such as FastText and GloVe, and 🤗 transformers embeddings.

The philosophy of PolyFuzz is: Easy to use yet highly customizable. It is a string matcher tool that requires only a few lines of code but that allows you customize and create your own models.


You can install PolyFuzz via pip:

pip install polyfuzz

This will install the base dependencies and excludes any deep learning/embedding models.

If you want to be making use of 🤗 Transformers, install the additional additional Flair dependency:

pip install polyfuzz[flair]